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Galaxy Bingo At The Ho Chunk

Are you looking for a great get-a-way and maybe somewhere that you can sit back and take in some amazing bingo fun at the same time? If you have never been to the Wisconsin Dells then this may be the best destination for you to get some relaxation and some awesome cash gaming in at the same time. This has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations for families and adults as well. There are all sorts of attractions, shops, cruises and more to take advantage of in this area. However, for us bingo lovers there is the Ho Chunk Casino. This casino is a full blown casino and offers all the games that you would expect to find in a huge casino including black jack, roulette, baccarat, slot machines and more. The real attraction to many locals and many visitors is their huge bingo room.

The Ho Chunk Casino offers some of the coolest bingo game you have seen anywhere in their huge dome top bingo hall. The bingo hall can be seen from miles around as it glows throughout the night. The cool thing about this bingo hall is the huge prizes you can win and the totally unique games that are offered here. The big game that really fills the house at the Ho Chunk Casino is held every Friday night and is called Galaxie Bingo. This crazy bingo game is filled with laser lights and an exciting prize gallery that really must be seen to be believed. $8.00 buy ins and prizes starting at $300 make this a great way to spend a Friday night for cheap and still get whole nights worth of entertainment.

The bingo hall is open at this casino Monday to Friday and you can always play at 3 different levels. Normal bingo night allow players to buy in at $10, $25 or $40. The prize amounts you win are based on the buy in amount you choose to wager. This is another unique part of the Ho Chunk Bingo experience. You can choose which level you want to play at and can choose your own buy in amount. If you are looking for a great vacation destination that also has some amazing bingo games to take part in, Wisconsin may be where you are headed for your next getaway. Have fun playing at the Ho Chunk Bingo hall and of course, Good Luck!

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