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Playing Frantic Fish Bingo

Frantic Fish Bingo is a game with an underwater theme. The goal of the game involves dragging fish into a matching shell in the same column. Bonus fish can be put anywhere on the game grid. You need to be ultra fast in this game because you are only given a few seconds to match up fish and shells. The game presents in a five by five grid filled with clam shells. Above the grid are five closed clam shells. You have to click on the button that reads “more fish” on the right hand side of the game board to force the clam shells open.

When the clam shells open, they reveal numbers. You must match them as fast as you can. Once matched, you need to click on the more fish button again to force the shells open. Music plays in the background and you can hear ocean water sound effects while you play. You can force the clam shells open 20 times. You must wait until the timer allows you to click on the “more fish” option before you can proceed.

Frantic Fish has an auto daub feature making it easier for you to play. If you decide to play manually without auto daub features off, you must click on a fish, hold down the mouse, and drag the fish to the spot on the game grid where the matching number appears in an open clam shell. In the upper left hand corner of the game screen, there is a volcano with flaming tiki torches. In the lower left hand corner there is an adorably fat penguin dresses in a Hawaiian skirt and lei. A game timer is positioned on the right hand side of the gaming window. This game is humorous, colorful, and guarantees hours of fun.

On the left hand side of the board is a listing of the previous winner as well as a listing of the top winners of the game. To the right, you will find a live chat session you can enjoy if you decide to access the game at

To play Frantic Fish Bingo you must have Adobe Flash 10 or greater. It is best if you have a cable modem or DSL modem to ensure the best network connection during game play. This game has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

You can access Frantic Fish free on The game is also at


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